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Kentucky Unemployment Claims
How do I file a claim for unemployment in KY?


What information do I need to file a claim for unemployment benefits in KY?
When you are ready to file your claim, you will need to have certain information readily available,  For example, you will need your:

1.  Social security number
2.  Mailing address including zip code  
3. Name, address, and phone number for each employer for whom have worked in the last 18 months.
4. The date you began working at each job.
5. The last day that you worked for each employer.

After providing the initial basic information, you will need to answer a number of questions about the circumstances of your separation from employment.  The questions you will be asked will depend upon whether your initial answers indicated that your separation from employment qualified as a discharge or a voluntary quit.  In the case of a discharge, the questions are designed to help the unemployment office determine if you should be paid benefits.  If you were fired for misconduct you may be denied benefits.  Likewise if you quit, they need to determine if you quit for good cause connected to your employment and a different set of questions will be asked.  The following are standard questions in the case of a discharge.  

1.   What were your job duties?
2.   Were you suspended from your job?  If yes provide the beginning and ending dates for your suspension.
3.   On what date were you discharged/suspended?
4.   Provide the name and title of the person who discharged or suspended you.
5.   Explain in detail the discharged/suspended.
6.   What policy/rule did you allegedly violate?
7.   Were you aware of such policy/rule?
8.   Did you violate the policy/rule?
9.   Was the policy/rule uniformly enforced?
10.  Explain in detail your justification for violating the policy/rule.
11.  Did you receive any prior warnings concerning policy/rules violation? 
12.   If you received warnings, give details and dates of warnings.
13.   If warnings received, did these warnings make you aware that your job was in jeopardy?
14.  What efforts did the employer make to maintain the employer/employee status? 
15.  What efforts did you make to correct the situation?
16.  Additional information:

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Patricia A. Abell |Attorney at Law | The Normandy Building | 101 North Seventh St. | Louisville, KY 40202 | Phone: (502)561-3455 |
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There are  three ways to file a claim for unemployment benefits in Kentucky.  

1.  File electronically at 
2.  File by telephone  (502) 875-0442  (English and Espanola)                        This is not a toll free number.
3.  Go to the nearest local office to file in person.  You can find local offices at:
If you want an attorney to  represent you at an unemployment hearing, please call to schedule an  appointment.
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